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Sprite Shower Filters feature replaceable cartridges with Sprite's exclusive ShowerX Filtration Technology for NSF Certified reduction of free and combined chlorine.

Probably you have heard that you are likely to take more chlorine into your body from your shower than from the water you drink. The skin soaks up chlorine readily, and you breathe in much vapor from chlorine in the shower. A good shower filter protects you and adds to the pleasure of showering. Your skin, your hair, and your eyes will feel the difference. (Some customers also report that they sing better.)

Shower filter technology is a challenge. Filter carbon, which is the hands-down champion at chlorine removal in drinking water filters, has limited effectiveness in shower filters, where a small amount of the filtering agent is required to handle a large amount of water that goes through the filter very quickly. An added challenge is hot water, which carbon doesn't handle well.

Because of these problems, most shower filter makers rely on a filtering medium called KDF. KDF is a granular metallic substance that under proper conditions converts chlorine to harmless chloride. Shower filter sellers typically show impressive charts that demonstrate long-term removal of chlorine. However, if you read the tests carefully, you’ll see that they apply to “free chlorine” (chlorine that has not combined with other constituents of water). Many water suppliers now use chloramines, a blend of chlorine and ammonia, and there is little if any “free chlorine” in the water. Sprite adds a patented mineral salt medium called “Chlorgon” to the KDF in its shower filters in an effort to deal with certain forms of combined chlorine. No claim of chloramine removal is made.

Sprite cartridges features a KDF/mineral salt combination whose lifespan depends on the ratio of free to total chlorine in the water treated, and, of course, the number and length of showers taken along with other variables. In most cases, we recommend replacing the "High Output" Sprite cartridge once a year and the smaller "Hand-Held" cartridge used in hand-held models at least twice a year.

Sprite eliminates the problems found in some other shower filters. The cases are sturdy and cracks and breaks are rare. We’ve had few problems with premature failure due to blockage and low flow—a common problem with many all-KDF units. It’s also the easiest shower filter we’ve found to install and to service.

On the High Output Model, we sell the filter only, without a shower head, since we’ve found that people usually throw away the plastic shower head that comes with shower filters and replace it with their original shower head. This keeps our price low and lets you keep your present shower head. Or, you can choose your own from the many styles available at hardware and home stores. Supplying your own shower head also gives you a choice between a standard or water-saving shower head. We hope you'll choose the latter.

We’ve got a simple, straight-forward deal on Sprite shower filters. Shipping is a flat $4 to any continental US address. For orders over $75, shipping is free. Plus, there’s a volume discount of 10% for two and 15% for three or more on the shower filter and the cartridges. So combine your order with a neighbor and save a lot. Each shower filter comes with a cartridge installed, but you get the same volume discount on cartridges if you want to purchase replacements when you but the filter.

Although the Sprite High Output is by far our best seller, we also offer a couple of Sprite’s hand held units, at the request of our customers. We also offer on this page a very popular bath product, VitaBath Decholorination tablets. (VitaBath is not a Sprite product.)

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Virtually all shower pipes in the United States are a standard size—1/2 inch. Sprite shower filters have 1/2 inch ports.

$4 flat-rate shipping within the continental United States. Free shipping for orders over $75. Expidited orders, Priority Mail shipments and shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, the Virgin Islands and all other U.S. territories is subject to additional shipping charges.

Please read our full shipping policy & information page at our parent website.

Please Note: Sprite formerly called the “High Output Shower Filter” the “Replaceable Shower Filter.” It’s exactly the same product, and the “High Output” cartridges offered here will fit your “Replaceable” model. If your unit is called HO or RSF the current HO cartridge will fit it. Also, many other companies put their own label on the Sprite High Output, so our cartridges will fit many other brands. High Output cartridges are 2.5" in diameter and 2.75" long.

Sprite Shower Filters

Sprite High Output

high output white

Available in white or chrome
(solid brass)
$41-$55 &
Free Shipping on orders over $75
Simple, dependable & high quality chlorine reduction The High Output is our best selling shower filter ever!

Read more about the Sprite High Output See replacement filters for this unit

Sprite Hand Held

hand held head

Convenient & durable.
$41 &
Free Shipping on orders over $75
Chlorine reduction in the palm of your hand

Read more about the Sprite Hand Held See replacement filters for this unit

Sprite Shower Falls

shower falls head

Attractive & versatile.
Free Shipping on orders over $75
Attractive and effective. Uses the same cartridge as the Hand Held model above.

Read more about the Sprite Shower Falls See replacement filters for this unit

VitaBath Tablets


Vitamin C Dechlorination
$24 per box (100 tablets) &
Free Shipping on orders over $75
Naturally remove both chlorine & chloramine
with nothing but 100% organic Vitamin C
(Not a Sprite product.)

Read more about VitaBath Tablets

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